Rural Internet Access for Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana

New Account Setup

This page explains how to create and access your ArkLaNet online customer account.




Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click the link titled “New Portal User” shown below

Note: Click any image below to zoom in.


Step 3. Enter your ArkLaNet account email address

On the second screen, enter the email address that is on file with your ArkLaNet account, and click the button “Lookup Email Address”


If your email address is recognized, you will receive an email at that address to verify and create your account.


Step 4. Open the confirmation email and click the link

When you receive the confirmation email, open the message and click the confirmation link in the message. This will open a new web page.


Step 5. Complete the account setup information

Complete all of the fields on the new page, then click the “Create Account” button.


Step 6. Return to the account login page.

Enter the username and password created in the previous step to login to your ArkLaNet account.


Step 7. Complete your account payment information

Now that you have confirmed and logged into your ArkLaNet online customer account, add your debit/credit card information, or linked bank
account information.

Arrows on the image below show where to find both the credit card and bank account sections.

Complete ALL on-screen fields to set your preferred account payment method.



You have completed the new ArkLaNet account setup process.

If you have any problems with the steps above, feel free to call our office for further assistance: (318) 737-1990

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